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Asian Whore Lets Brothers Fuck Her Hard

Duration: 26m, 12s, Starring Kat, Jenner

(289 Votes)

Kat's friend knows that her man is no good. She's sure of it, and she knows Kat could use a good fucking. She just needs to be sure that he's a liar and a cheat before she ends it for sure so she sends Kat over to his place to chat him up and maybe fuck him if she can. Jenner has no idea that's the plan, and he's got a friend over by the name of Josh that he thought he was going to be setting her up with. But once she starts acting slutty with both of them they both decide it'll be better to fuck her together.

Alex Sanders Gets Some Pussy Bait And Fucks Nadia Styles

Duration: 27m, 29s, Starring Nadia Styles, Alex Sanders

(5 Votes)

Nadia Styles does not really need much to be baited in to bed. All it really takes is the fact that Alex Sanders is naked, hard, and wanting to plunge that dick right in her ass. She loves the way that it stretches her out, although she isn't going to be walking right for some time afterward. She has the sweetest smile on her face after he gets done with her ass and he's going to be working her for his own pleasure, taking her over until he has the chance to burst with all of his mighty cum to coat her.

Cindy Takes Rick Masters Dick In Every Hole She's Got

Duration: 24m, 19s, Starring Cindy Sterling, Rick Masters

(5 Votes)

Cindy has had a terrible day again. She wants to be happy all the time but most days guys are mean to her at school so she likes to go see her neighbor who always makes her feel pretty. Since she's legal to fuck she gets to have a few orgasms after school and he gets to make her feel like a princess. She shows up in a kilt because she knows he's into that, and it gives him easy access to her tight little twat and she likes being able to please him with such ease. Once she's on the bed though, things get freaky.

Young Cutie Leah Luv Loves It In The Ass

Duration: 24m, 27s, Starring Leah Luv, Trevor Slide

(4 Votes)

Trevor Slide has a bit of a problem. He's got a crush on the hot eighteen year old next door. That wouldn't be so bad if she didn't seem to have the same feelings for him. He could just ignore her if she would stop coming over and hitting on him. Leah Luv doesn't actually care about him though, she just likes to watch him squirm and happens to know he's dynamite between the sheets. She's looking forward to going away to college but it's nice having a married guy that can't help himself to your body back home.

Big Butt Puffy Babe Gets A Thumb While The Pussy Gets Cock

Duration: 26m, 14s, Starring Holly Wellin, Trent Tesoro

(6 Votes)

Holly Wellin is going to be hanging out at her place when she gives Trent Tesoro the go ahead to wander over for some fun times. He's going to pounce on her right away, letting his hands do the talking as he grabs and gropes at her. She gives him a hand job and takes on that completely stiff dick, knowing that she's going to be losing her mind as she takes on that pounding. Her pussy is beyond stretched once she takes a good and hard fucking that leaves her moaning, groaning, and cumming harder and faster by the minute.

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