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Skinny Brunette Makes Herself Cum Hard

Duration: 5m, 45s, Starring Sasha Grey

(10 Votes)

Some girls have problems giving themselves an orgasm, but this girl seems to know exactly what to do. After a seductive strip tease that shows off her perky tits and thin body, Sasha Grey is ready to start stroking her pussy. First, she rubs her clit with her fingers, but they just won't do. She breaks out a silver vibrator that she starts sliding in and out of her tight pussy. She takes it out to taste her own juices, but then thrusts it right back in. She fucks herself with her toy and plays with her clit until she starts screaming, reaching the big O in record time.

Exotic Brunette Finger Fucks Herself

Duration: 5m, 53s, Starring Jasmine Byrne

(52 Votes)

Jasmine Bryne was feeling really sexy but she couldn't find a man, so she decided that what she really needed was to have some fun with her fingers. Her pussy is already so wet, all because she just can't seem to get her mind off of a big dick sliding inside of her. Instead, she uses her fingers. She starts rubbing her clit, soft at first but then really going for it. She sucks her finger to get it moist so it can slide around her pussy with ease. She slips one finger inside of her warm cunt, while still rubbing her clit. After she cums, she sucks on her fingers to clean up all of her juices.

Horny Ebony Having Some Sexy Alone Time

Duration: 4m, 47s, Starring Kapri Styles

(4 Votes)

Kapri Styles doesn't just need a dick to get off, this ebony gets so hot all on her own. She walks around the room with her skinny, long legs, teasing the camera as she slowly peals off her clothes. She has a gorgeous butt that fits her perfect body, and she loves showing it off to the camera. She bends over and gets on her knees and leaves her hot ass facing the camera as she starts to feel around her tight pussy. When she lays on her back she really gets into it, and opens her lips wide while she vigorously rubs her clit until her pussy starts to drip.

Busty Brunette Gets Her Snatch All Wet

Duration: 4m, 8s, Starring Kodey Coxxx

(2 Votes)

This curvy brunette was just hanging outside in the sun when she finds the urge to start touching herself. Kodey Coxxx already has wet panties from being so horny. She slips them off, leaving on her stockings and her high heels. After caressing her big tits, she slides all the way down to her twat. Then she opens up her pink lips and starts to fondle her pussy by rubbing her clit nice and hard getting herself wet. This horny chick has a clit piercing, which makes her so much hotter. She keeps rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself, until she is left with only her white cum all over her fingers.

Young Minx Masturbates Her Sweet Vagina

Duration: 4m, 44s, Starring Samantha Roxx

(1 Vote)

Gorgeous young honey Samantha Roxx is desperate to cum! She kicks starts this scene by posing ng stunning black bra and pantie set. But she can't wait to get naked, exposing first her pert little boobies, summing her nipples and staring boldly into the lens, and then peeling off her bottoms to reveal a luscious and completely bald moose knuckle. first she poses on all fours on the couch, spreading her legs to show you everything that she's got. She looks back over her shoulder while she fingers herself as if begging you to come and stick your rigid pork sword inside her. Lacking a cock to use for pleasure, she must satisfy herself.

Luscious Black Stunner Needs To Cum Now

Duration: 3m, 2s, Starring Stacey Cash

(6 Votes)

Sometimes in a masturbation scene, you get to see something in a woman that you wouldn't otherwise get to see: the filthiest depths of her unbridled passion, along with her bright pink pussy, exposed for all the world to see! Beautiful black harlot Stacey Cash spends this entire scene flat on her back with her legs spread - just how a woman should be! Through slitted eyes, she surveys the viewer, exhorting him to cum and give her what she really needs while she fingers her own breasts and rubs her engorged clit. She licks her own fingertips, tasting her juices after she has rubbed herself to orgasm. Don't miss this fantastic solo scene!

Gwen Uses Her Fingers To Get Off

Duration: 4m, 27s, Starring Gwen Diamond

(5 Votes)

Gwen Diamond is one of those babes that knows how to please herself. She is hot and has nice big tits, but she can't seem to find a guy who can keep up with her sexual needs. She was sitting in a chair waiting for her date to get there and couldn't hold out so she pulled her panties to the side and started rubbing her pussy. Within minutes she was moaning and writhing around, locked in pleasure. She slid a finger inside herself and that was enough to send her over the edge. She came so hard she nearly lost her mind. She took her fingers out and licked them clean and relaxed with a smile.

Michelle Fingers Her Shaved Slit

Duration: 4m, 46s, Starring Michelle Barrett

(1 Vote)

With a body that could stop traffic and tits so big she can suck on her own nipples, Michelle B is built for pleasure. She was laying back on the black leather couch and the cool leather felt so good on her skin she started getting wet. She began slowly rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples. As she got wetter and wetter she started sucking a nipple and built up speed. Her entire body was awash in pleasure as she finger fucked herself. She spread her legs wide open and rubbed fast until she came then laid back and played with her tits as she came down from the orgasm high.

Stunning Brunette Masturbates For You

Duration: 4m, 57s, Starring Sativa Rose

(4 Votes)

Gorgeous brunette Sativa Rose poses in a black lacy bra and panties set. She removes her bra to free her beautiful tits, and she turns and bends over to show off her fine thonged ass. She makes her way to the couch and sits down, sucking on her fingers to get them nice and wet. She tugs her panties aside and slides 2 fingers into her bald pussy, finger-fucking herself until she brings her hand to her mouth to taste her own juices. She rubs her hard clit and frigs herself until she makes herself cum, groaning in pleasure as her body shakes in ecstasy.

Exotic Brunette Brings Herself To Orgasm

Duration: 5m, 9s, Starring Jenaveve Jolie

(10 Votes)

Dark skinned brunette Jenaveve Jolie lies on the couch and a pink bra and panties set and black high heels. She pulls her bra down to free her large fake tits, rubbing her hard nipples while looking into the camera. She moves her hand over her panties to rub her moist mound, and she slides those panties off over her long legs to play with her bald pussy. She sucks on her fingers to get them nice and wet before rubbing her erect clit, and she spreads her lips wide to expose her pink hole. This slut gets off knowing you're watching her cum.

Busty Black Girl Gets Herself Off

Duration: 2m, 42s, Starring Ryan Reynolds

(7 Votes)

Beautiful black girl Ryan Reynolds lays back in a leopard print chair and lets her large tits spill out of her pink bustier. She lets her hands wander down between her legs to play with her juicy pussy. She talks dirty and looks into the camera as she finger fucks herself, moaning in pleasure as she thrusts 2 fingers in and out of her wet snatch. She traces circles around her hard clit as she throws one leg over the arm of the chair, and she cries out as she brings herself to orgasm. She loves it when you watch.

Blonde Slut Masturbates Poolside

Duration: 3m, 46s, Starring Julie Van Saint

(Not Rated)

Slutty blonde Julie Van Saint lies naked in a lounge chair in her back yard. She rubs her pert natural tits before sliding her hand between her legs to frig her hard clit. She brings her hand to her mouth to get her fingers nice and wet before sliding 2 fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She moans and gasps in pleasure as she plays with herself, crying out in ecstasy as she makes herself cum again and again. She brings her hand to her mouth to suck her own juices off her fingers before collapsing in satisfaction.

Alluring Asian Finger Fucks Herself

Duration: 4m, 19s, Starring Nyomi Zen

(21 Votes)

Exotic Asian Nyomi Zen introduces herself to the camera before standing and stripping out of her geisha outfit. She lays back on the bed and caresses her small natural tits before spreading her legs to play with her bald pussy. She talks dirty and looks into the camera as she fingers her tight snatch. She spreads her lips to show off her pink hole, and she sucks her own juices off of her fingers. She gets on her hands and knees to finger-fuck herself from behind, and she cries out loudly as she makes herself cum.

Ghetto Bitch Gets Herself Off Hard

Duration: 6m, 7s, Starring Lori Alexia, Stacey Cash

(5 Votes)

Black slut Lori Alexia lies back naked on a black leather couch and spreads her legs wide to masturbate. She sucks on her fingers before rubbing her moist mound, tracing circles around her hard clit. She gets on her knees and bends over to show off her fine ass before finger fucking herself from behind before making her ass cheeks jiggle and roll. She lays back to play with her snatch, closing her eyes as she gets closer and closer to cumming. She smiles as she achieves orgasm, more satisfied because you watched.

Stunning Blonde Poses And Masturbates

Duration: 5m, 5s, Starring Sophie Dee

(4 Votes)

Beautiful blonde Sophie Dee poses for the camera in a red thong and panties set. She turns to show off her fine thonged ass and removes her bra to free her natural tits. She licks her own nipple before laying back on the couch and tugging her panties aside to play with her bald pussy. She slides a finger deep into her wet snatch before bringing it to her mouth to taste the sweet juices. She slides her panties off to rub her erect clit and finger fuck herself until she brings herself to orgasm, smiling as she cums.

Blonde MILF Pleasures Herself For You

Duration: 4m, 59s, Starring Harmony Rose

(3 Votes)

Blonde MILF Harmony Rose lays back on a leather couch in just her panties caressing her natural tits. She tugs her panties aside to play with her bald pussy, spreading her lips to show off her pink hole. She plays with her hard clit, moaning as she traces circles around it. She moans in pleasure as she continues to pleasure herself while rubbing her breast with her free hand. Her breathing quickens as she brings herself closer to orgasm, and she finally cums, arching her back as she does. She raises her hnd to her mouth to taste her own juices.

Fiery Redhead Finger Fucks Herself

Duration: 5m, 27s, Starring Dani Woodward

(6 Votes)

Stunning redhead Dani Woodward wakes up from her nap, horny from a lingering dream. She removes her bra to show off her pert natural tits, and she lays back and slides off her panties to play with her shaved slit. She sucks on her fingers to get them nice and wet before rubbing her erect clit hard. She slides a finger deep into her wet pussy, thrusting it in and out of her quivering quim. She turns and kneels to frig herself from behind, making herself cum again and again for her own pleasure... and ours.

Blonde Slut Has Some Fun With A Dildo

Duration: 4m, 54s, Starring Kelly Broox

(3 Votes)

California blonde Kelly Broox poses in referee themed lingerie, undoing her top to free her small natural tits. She turns and pulls her thong down, bending over to show off her fine ass and pussy from behind. She kneels on the stairs and sucks on a purple vibrator, getting it nice and wet before using it to rub her clit doggy style. She sits back on the stairs and spreads her legs wide, fucking herself with that dildo. She thrusts it in and out of her wet snatch until she comes to a loud and satisfying orgasm.

Busty Tart Rubs Her Moist, Juicy Pussy

Duration: 2m, 55s, Starring Tyla Wynn

(2 Votes)

Check out the body on a classic beauty Tyla Wynn. This girl has got a seriously sensational body, the centrepoint being her perfect natural tits. The scene opens on a close up of her breasts as she squeezes them and pushes them up between her forearms for your pleasure. Then the camera pans back, encompassing her entire perfect body, including that sweet, bald pussy nestled between those slim thighs. She has got large, fleshy pussy lips that deserve to be licked. She spits on her hand, rubbing her fingertips all over her pussy lips and then targeting her clit. She rubs herself to orgasm and then licks her fingers clean of her own juices.

Young Tart Shows Up Inside Her Vagina

Duration: 4m, 38s, Starring Samantha Stern

(2 Votes)

Join delicious young cutie Samantha Stern as she rubs herself to orgasm in this filthy masturbation clip. She is feeling so horny that she can't contain herself, and she doesn't mind if you watch while she gets herself off! She begins by peeling off her tiny outfit to reveal a luscious and athletic frame. From her small natural breasts to her shaved pussy, everything about this young bitch speaks of her skills as a harlot. He lies back in a completely slutty leopardskin chair, spreading her legs wide and showing everything that she's got. She doesn't hesitate to spread her own pussy lips and display every inch of that pink inside her.

Amazing Boobs On This Masturbating Cutie

Duration: 2m, 33s, Starring Sammie Rhodes

(4 Votes)

You've got to check out this clip, even if it is only to drool at the perfect body on blond stunner Sammie Rhodes. This girl is the American dream, with long blond hair and an exceptionally gorgeous face. However, your eyes can't help but drop down to her enormous natural breasts, hanging perfectly side by side with large, erect nipples. She is completely naked on a bench outside in the garden, enjoying the sun as it bakes down on her perfect breasts and bald pussy. The warmth on her vagina spurs her to spread her legs, showing everything that she has got to the camera as she rubs her clitoris while she fingers her own nipples.

Nasty Asian Milf Fingers Her Own Moisty

Duration: 4m, 11s, Starring Vanity

(26 Votes)

Sexy Asian milf Vanity is desperate to cum! She is dressed up in a slutty red corset and high heels, reclining on a bright red settee that just screams "porno!" She pulls her panties to one side, revealing a bald Asian pussy that looks just delightful. Wouldn't you love to be the one who was fingering her and rubbing her clit? This is exactly what she does, using every trick in the book to try and get some sexual pleasure. Halfway through the clip she pulls down her corset to reveal a surprisingly large pair of breasts with rock hard nipples. Then she resumes her two finger self-fucking. After she has cum, she licks her fingers clean.

Big Boobie Black Babe Rubs Herself Raw

Duration: 4m, 39s, Starring Lori Alexia

(4 Votes)

One look at the way that busty ebony babe Lori Alexia lays herself out on her back and rubs her own clit, and you can tell that she's done this many times before! She looks a treat, with beautiful long black hair, sexy black fishnets and amazing natural breasts. Her nipples are extremely erect, attesting to how genuinely horny she is during the scene. She looks almost classy as she lies back with her legs spread on the black leather couch, spreading her pussy lips to reveal a surprisingly pink pussy inside. However, she eschews fingering herself, instead choosing to furiously rub her own clit while she strokes her breasts.

Gorgeous Asian Babe Works Her Sweet Puss

Duration: 4m, 27s, Starring Kea Kulani

(13 Votes)

It's straight into the action in this hot solo masturbation scene as young Asian goddess Kea Kulani rubs her pussy raw. She is lying on a cream couch with her legs completely spread, and she pulls her cute panties to one side to reveal a tiny and luscious Asian slut. She closes her eyes and leans back, probably fantasising about a strong man fucking her like she needs it as she furiously rubs her own clit. A few times she slides one or two fingers inside herself, moaning as she penetrates herself, but for the most part she sticks to clitoral masturbation. Part way through she pulls her breasts out of her top, revealing perky nipples.

Nasty Fuck Slut Hammers Her Tiny Gash

Duration: 5m, 11s, Starring Roxy Jezel

(5 Votes)

Petite young cutie Roxy Jezel opens this clip by showing off her pert little boobies. This tiny stunner has got a body that would drive any man wild, especially when she bends over on all fours, peeling her panties down and pulling them halfway down her thighs and showing off her extremely little pussy. She lies back on a plush chair in a charming garden sitting, fingering herself wildly. She gets two fingers right inside herself, clamping down on her pussy and pressing inside as hard as she can. Her pert little titties jiggle as she repeatedly drives her fingers up inside herself, desperate to cum. What a filthy bitch this is!

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