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Trina Michaels Into Finger Masturbation

Duration: 5m, 50s, Starring Trina Michaels

(2 Votes)

Trina Michaels doesn't need the newest sex toy to get herself hot and bothered. All she really needs is some time, privacy, fishnet and her fingers. She is a master masturbater, getting herself hot and bothered just by pulling on this kinky lingerie. Once she has her pussy starting to get wet she ends up pulling out the big guns, plunging her fingers inside of her and really going crazy. Before long she is bucking up and down on the bed, getting closer and closer to a wild orgasm that is going to be as intense as you have hoped.

Aline XXX Fingering Like Crazy

Duration: 1m, 52s, Starring Aline Xxx

(3 Votes)

Aline XXX treasures the private moments that she gets with herself, since her pussy is in high demand. She's wearing a bright yellow number so you can't miss her. Then again, she's hot and half naked, something tells me that you're not going to miss her one bit. She works at her pussy, working her fingers up and down her slit. She pays special attention to that clit of hers, and before long she finds herself quite close to a wild orgasm. She holds on for a few seconds but then lets loose with the passion.

Tiffany Holiday Enjoys Her Fingers

Duration: 6m, 31s, Starring Tiffany Holiday

(2 Votes)

Tiffany Holiday is a luscious, dark haired harlot who knows exactly how to tease and please you...and herself. She is not in the mood for a cock today. Instead she just wants to pull out her fingers, throw away her panties and go to town. She starts things off with a sultry strip tease that will have your dick hard as a rock in no time flat. Her pussy ends up dripping wet and she's ready and raring for some fun. She ends up taking herself to multiple orgasms and shuddering the entire time she touched herself.

Jessica Moore Loves Her Fingering Time

Duration: 4m, 27s, Starring Alicia Rhodes, Jessica Moore

(4 Votes)

Jessica Moore is a blond whore who gets herself ready for a big night out with her skilled fingers. She starts working at her pussy nice and slow, not even taking her lingerie off to start. Her fingers trace up and down those panties, getting her wetter and hornier with each passing second. Before long she is dying to rip off her clothes and plunge her entire hand inside of her. She keeps it to just fingering though, letting the impending orgasm take over and drive her into an intense frenzy that's hot as hell.

Ashley Roberts Goes Fingering Crazy

Duration: 6m, 16s, Starring Ashley Roberts

(1 Vote)

This lusty, busty harlot is in the mood to get crazy on herself, so she pulls out her fingers and contemplates all the fun things that she can do with them. She works one finger slowly along the outside of her pussy, slowly awakening her desire. Her pussy juice wells up and starts to spill over, getting her so worked up and ready for a fuck that she almost runs out the door looking for dick. She contains herself and settles down, going back to a barely contained state of desire so powerful that it will blow your mind.

Petite Amateurs in Mutual Masturbation

Duration: 4m, 11s, Starring Britney Madison, Kelly Divine, Leah Luv

(2 Votes)

Most of the time the only time you see two people masturbating next to each other is when gay guys do it and pretend they're straight and just watching, It looks like mutual masturbation is catching on with the ladies, though, because Leah Luv and Kelly Divine are sitting side by side and enjoying watching each other masturbate. I bet they're picking up all sorts of techniques from each other, and you can tell that they're going to add all sorts of great skills to their pussy fingering repertoire once they get home.

Curvy Amateur Daniella Skye Masturbates

Duration: 4m, 51s, Starring Daniella Skye

(1 Vote)

Daniella Skye is a naughty, curvy amateur who is in the mood for a truly mind blowing experience..with herself. This amateur doesn't have much time to herself, because she is a party girl through and through. She gets herself all worked up and ready to go with her fingers, and then holds herself right on edge so that she can really build up to a rather massive orgasm. Before long she is thrusting her hips up and going wild, getting herself completely soaked through with a torrent of hot pussy juice.

Sexy Asian Jayna Oso Masturbating

Duration: 3m, 25s, Starring Jayna Oso

(1 Vote)

Jayna Oso is working her pussy sweet and slow for the camera, spreading her legs out so you can get a perfect view of that impossibly tight pussy. She is so tight that it's a wonder she can even get her fingers in that pussy. She's stretching herself out wider and wider to get inside there, and her moans are getting louder and louder to match. Before long her legs are splayed out and she is thrusting her hips off of the bed. She moans still louder until you think that the house is going to shake from their intensity.

Victoria Sin Fingering in Fury

Duration: 3m, 27s, Starring Victoria Sin

(3 Votes)

Victoria Sin almost always has a guy around, trying to work his cock right up that sweet pussy. She invites all sorts over, but sometimes she just wants to go and have some time to herself. When she's in that kind of mood she works on her pussy with skilled fingers and enjoys every second of her masturbation session. She parts her lips nice and slow, savoring her touch and getting so worked up that you'll hear her gasping and moaning in no time. She goes harder and harder, making sure to get herself into a wild orgasm.

Cute Holly Wellin Masturbates Herself

Duration: 3m, 36s, Starring Holly Wellin

(1 Vote)

Holly Wellin is one of the cutest girls you'll see in porn, with a girl next door look that makes her approachable and even hotter than expected. She starts things off slow by stripping down, throwing her shirt off to the side and getting herself comfortable. Once she's all settled in she goes ahead and gets down to business, working her fingers deep inside of her panties and seeking out her sweet pussy. She works her long fingers inside herself and gets so worked up that she just has to cum there and then.

Hot Blond Fingers Pussy To Orgasm

Duration: 6m, 29s, Starring Nicki Hunter

(2 Votes)

The impish Nikki Hunter knows how to tease. With her tongue she caresses her firm tits and hard nipples just begging us to join the party. Her tight stomach and long legs are just the tip of the iceberg. A closeup of her spreading her lips to reveal depths of her womanhood is the beginning of her sexual fantasy. She puts one finger in her cunt and the other rubs the clit and her piercing sending her into spasms of lust. Pushing her hips against the motion of her fingers she reaches a higher level of excitement. The final strokes of her cunt push her to orgasm.

Naughty Latina Works Her Pussy

Duration: 5m, 20s, Starring Chiquita Lopez

(2 Votes)

Chiquita Lopez is about as elegant as you can get, but even elegant ladies want to get a little bit nasty sometimes. For Chiquita she has to find a quiet corner that no one is going to find her at and start masturbating. She has turned finger fucking into some kind of an art form, and where some girls would be working on their pussies with industrial sized sex toys Chiquita is quite fine with just her fingers. She gets her pussy so soaked that it's dripping all over the floor, then she takes herself to orgasm.

Asian Hottie Mika Tan Masturbating

Duration: 8m, 31s, Starring Mika Tan

(3 Votes)

Mika Tan is a sultry, sexy Asian pornstar who has to be getting some sort of sexual stimulus all day or night. This naughty hottie works herself into a wild frenzy with just her fingers alone. She doesn't need sex toys or anything else, she just needs to get her fingers in on the action and take you along for the ride. Her masturbation sessions are pretty extended, as she wants to hold off on her orgasm for as long as possible. You can see her straining with the pleasure though, trying not to cum too early and then having to let loose.

Roxetta Enjoys Finger Play Action

Duration: 3m, 37s, Starring Roxetta

(Not Rated)

Naughty hottie Roxetta enjoys a good finger bang as much as the next girl, so she's spending some quality time with her fingers today. She starts off by showing off her sexy body, with her long legs and tight ass. She has a great girl next door look to her that will have your dick rock hard in no time flat. She works her hands up and down along her body, drifting closer and closer to her pussy on each pass. Before long she is fingering the hell out of herself, getting so close to an orgasm that she can't contain it.

Melissa Lauren Fingers Herself Wild

Duration: 4m, 42s, Starring Melissa Lauren

(2 Votes)

Blond bombshell Melissa Lauren doesn't get many quiet moments to herself, so when she does she wants to spend them getting herself worked up in her own special way. You might think that this blond hottie uses a plethora of sex toys when she has some time to herself, but she actually just ends up using her fingers to go fucking crazy. She is a wild and horny kind of babe who doesn't hold back when it comes to orgasm time. She just lets it loose and goes insane with her yells and moans of pleasure.

Redhead Pornstar Cherry Poppens

Duration: 3m, 7s, Starring Cherry Poppens

(2 Votes)

Cherry Poppens is one of those girls that just has to be doing something sexual all day or night. Today she's going for a bit of a masturbation session. Her curly red hair contrasts with her super pale skin and nipples. She pushes down her top and starts playing with her tits, the perky sexy things that they are. Her hands soon move down her body of their own accord, making sure to note just how soft and succulent her body is. She is getting herself worked up in no time flat and soon she'll want to cum like crazy.

Adrianna Nicole Petting the Pussy

Duration: 4m, 21s, Starring Adrianna Nicole

(1 Vote)

Blond harlot Adrianna Nicole wants to spend some quality time with her pussy, and more specifically her clitoris. It's like every guy in porn just ignores her sweet clit, so she's making sure that her long fingers tease and please it until it's happy with her again. She works her fingers all over her lips as well, dipping in a time or two so she can gauge just how wet she is. This porn hottie gets worked up rather quickly, and she is trying to contain the orgasm that is so obviously overwhelming her as she works on herself.

Jamie Brooks Sits Back and Masturbates

Duration: 4m, 52s, Starring Jaimi Brookes

(3 Votes)

Jamie Brooks is a lusty blond who is in the mood to make you jizz right in your pants. She doesn't even need to be fucking anyone to get that reaction either. Instead she's just going to go ahead and start fingering her sweet pussy. She takes some time stripping out of her clothes, rubbing all over her tight body. She gets herself so worked up that her pussy is completely soaked as she works her fingers down the front of her body. Before long she is so worked up that she is going to scream in orgasm.

Carmella Bing Sucks on Her Fingers

Duration: 5m, 10s, Starring Carmella Bing

(3 Votes)

Carmella Bing doesn't want to just work at her pussy, she wants to suck on her fingers the entire time she's doing it as well. She loves tasting her sweet pussy juice after her fingers have been worked up all the way inside of her. She is a rather sexually charged hottie who takes full advantage of her quiet time to work at her sweet pussy lips. This pornstar knows that she has a line of dudes around the block waiting to fuck her, but she'd rather spend some quality time working her fingers all along her clit.

Tight Bodied Hottie Fingers Her Pussy

Duration: 5m, 4s, Starring Shy Love

(1 Vote)

Contrary to her name Shy Love is not shy. Wearing transparent undies she fingers her pussy and caresses her perfect tits. Sighing and moaning from the pleasure she is a sight to behold. The gyrations of her body are in perfect sink with the fingers she is using to pleasure her swollen pussy lips. Standing now she bends over to show us her perfectly tight little ass. Reaching over from behind her long fingers caress her cunt making her moan even more. Sitting back down she fingers her womanhood to orgasm.

Hot Blond Slut Squirts Out Orgasm

Duration: 4m, 38s, Starring Kayla Prettyman

(3 Votes)

Kala Prettyman sure knows her body. To the point that she has no trouble whatsoever giving herself pleasure. Her long fingers slide down her panties quickly have her pussy soaking wet. Out comes the dildo and her clit is as hard as steel. Gently stroking her pussy she squirts out her love juice in orgasm. She continues to rub her pussy lips and stroke her G spot with the dildo. Caressing her tits she also strokes her womanhood with her plastic toy. Fingers rubbing her clit brings her close to orgasm and she finishes it with the dildo screaming out her orgasm.

Dani Woodward Plays in Her Pussy

Duration: 4m, 28s, Starring Dani Woodward

(1 Vote)

Dani Woodward is a rather delicious brunette tart who is in the mood to work her fingers all over her sweet slit. She's so beautiful that you know her being alone long enough to masturbate is a pretty uncommon occurrence, so she's making the most of it. She works her fingers in nice and deep and gets herself so worked up that she brings herself to orgasm in under five minutes. She might be quick on her pussy trigger but she makes sure that every single second counts as she fingers her sweet, sweet pussy.

Slutty Bitch Vibrates Herself To Orgasm More Than Once

Duration: 3m, 45s, Starring Leah Lexington

(1 Vote)

Leah Lexington has got a need that doesn't seem to be really under control. After her last visitor leaves she breaks out her toys right away so she can start imagining what it would be like to fuck each of the people that were there tonight. It gets her so wet thinking about them without any clothes on, staring at her with lust in their eyes and wanting to see her cum the same way she wants to watch them. So she lays on her couch and starts to run her toy between her folds, getting them moist and damp.

Hot Blond Fingers Her Own Cunt

Duration: 3m, 25s, Starring Emily Vanili

(2 Votes)

Gorgeous legs, plus tight boobs, equals Emily Vanili. This slut knows how to please herself. Her wet fingers on her juicy pussy lips is enough to make her moan with lust. Her clit is hidden by her pussy lips but it is surely under there as the close up reveals. Her body gyrates to the stimulation she is giving herself by slowly stroking her womanhood. Her cunt is red from the rush of blood to the surface where her slender fingers are sliding up and down the length of her love canal. She jerks in spasms as she reaches orgasm.

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