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Naughty Little Nymphos 11

Dominique Dane Fucks Her Boss Alec Metro

Duration: 20m, 45s, Starring Dominique Dane, Alec Metro

(5 Votes)

Alec Metro met Dominique Dane in a club late one night and when they got back to her place there was no waiting for small talk, no bothering with any kind of chit chat, all that really mattered was getting laid and that's all he did was make his move. He came onto her like she was his prize. He mounted her like a great stag and showed her who would be the dominant one that evening. She took him with grace and poise and never once flinched when he got close to finishing, and eventually loosed his seed.

Sexy Petite Blond Loves Sucking A Big Dick

Duration: 20m, 52s, Starring Brittney Alexander, Johnny Thrust

(6 Votes)

Johnny Thrust is getting his fuck on with a nice young bitch that wants a massive cock. She's just started her new job at a funeral home and he's there to work a few things out for a family member. When he sees her though he doesn't care about anything but trying to get his own version of celebrating life going, with her as the main attraction. They go up to the front of one of the rooms she set up and after a little coaxing she falls to her knees and starts sucking his dick right in front of a coffin.

Sexy Rocker Chick Gets Two Big White Dicks

Duration: 21m, 7s, Starring Saphire Rae, Alec Metro, Mr. Pete

(2 Votes)

Saphire Rae is the type of girl who is always going to stand out in a crowd, because she has a rather unusual look. She is also about as sweet as can be, knowing that she's going to be overwhelming two dicks with her sex appeal. Mr. Pete and Alec Metro knows that she's going to be driving them crazy, so they're going to take her on at the same time in order to try to gain the upper hand. These guys are going to get her going good in a MMF threesome, leaving her moaning and whimpering as she takes on inch after inch of cock.

Rachel Rotten And Rob Rotten Engage In Naughty Behavior

Duration: 20m, 56s, Starring Rachel Rotten, Rob Rotten

(3 Votes)

Rachel Rotten was told that she was going down the wrong path in life and that there was nothing down there but confusion and misery but she didn't see it that way. She was in love with her man and she wanted to get the chance to spend her life with him now. So she moved away with Rob Rotten and they got married in Vegas once they were both old enough and had the cash. Now they live in a crash pad that they've painted themselves, fucking all day and loving life in a way their square parents never could.

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