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Busty Pornstar Gives Clit A Good Workout

Duration: 4m, 40s, Starring Gianna Michaels

(7 Votes)

You've probably seen veteran porn actress Gianna Michaels getting nailed in lots of different movies, now you can watch her rubbing herself to orgasm in this sexy solo girl clip. She's really got one of the best bodies in the business, sexy and voluptuous with gorgeous curves, fucking huge titties and a fat round ass that's just begging to get fucked. She pulls off her leopard print panties and lies back on the chair, spreading her legs to give the camera full access to her tight shaved pussy. She proceeds to finger herself with three fingers while she rubs the heel of her hand against her hard clit, until she's orgasming all over her hand.

Black Babe With Awesome Body Masturbates

Duration: 4m, 36s, Starring Marie Luv

(7 Votes)

Sexy black strumpet Marie Luv is horny and hot for cock, but she since she doesn't have a man handy she has to take matters in to her own hands. She looks teasingly into the camera as she strips out of her colorful bra and pantie set, to show her pert little titties and athletic frame. When she turns around, bending over to expose her ass and peeling off her panties, her butt is just fucking amazing. She lies down on the couch and spreads her legs out in a V-shaped, pulling her pubic mound apart and showing you her pink. She slips two fingers up inside herself and proceeds to fuck herself just like it was a cock, tasting her own fluids.

Naudia Nyce Explores Her Wet Pussy

Duration: 4m, 12s, Starring Naudia Nyce

(Not Rated)

Naudia Nyce is a horny chick that slid her hand inside her panties and started rubbing her wet slice. She had her legs spread wide open and ready to rock when she slid a finger inside and made herself cum. She pulled off her panties, leaned forward and fingered herself even harder. She came so hard her tits popped out of her shirt and were bouncing as she slid two fingers inside her pussy and hammered away. Her pussy was throbbing as she got herself off for the third time. After that third orgasm she relaxed and gently rubbed her pussy a little more.

Fingering Her Hot European Pussy

Duration: 4m, 31s, Starring Katja Kassin

(4 Votes)

Katja Kassin loves the feel of her latex panties as she rubbed her pussy through her panties. She pulled her panties off, spread her legs, licked her finger and started rubbing her clit. She rubbed faster and harder until she was just about to cum then she slammed two fingers in her pussy and sent herself over the edge. She came so hard she screamed and stated shaking. She switched hands and rubbed her now throbbing clit and sent herself over the edge again. She came a second time, more intense than the first and collapsed back on the couch for round three.

Veronica Jett Puts Her Pussy In Orbit

Duration: 3m, 52s, Starring Veronica Jett

(Not Rated)

Veronica Jett is a sexy Asian babe with a tight body, nice ass and a pussy that is red hot. She striped out of her panties then sat down on her chair and started teasing her pussy. She licked her fingers and slid two fingers inside her pussy and started pounding on it. She fingered her pussy then teased her clit, licked her fingers and went back to pounding her pussy. As she was getting to cum she poked a finger slightly into her asshole and teased her ass as she came. After her orgasm she licked the cum off her fingers while she tweaked her nipples.

Sexy Redhead Finger Fucks Herself

Duration: 5m, 22s, Starring Vixen Vogel

(3 Votes)

Vixen likes to feel her own pussy and wastes no time getting started. She licks her fingers before inserting it in to her tight pussy. She is relaxed and happy while she makes herself squeal with delight as she finger fucks herself. Vixen rubs her clit and pets her pussy but slides her panties to the side because she is too eager to wait. Every now and then she takes her fingers and licks her own juices so that she can keep finger fucking herself some more. Her pussy just gets wetter and wetter with each passing second. Her kitty cat purrs as much as she does and she keeps on going till she reaches a dripping wet climax.

Perfect Body Brunette Rubs Box To Climax

Duration: 5m, 18s, Starring Jassie

(6 Votes)

Sexy brunette Jassie looks so fuckable as she strips out of her bra and knickers, showing the camera her smoothly shaved cunt. She leaves her little booties on for the high heel fetishists out there! She teases you with her athletic body before she starts to sensuously rub her muff, tickling her own perfect labial lips and then slipping a finger inside to feel her juicy wetness. She rolls onto her side, and starts fingering her tight ass at the same time. She's so starved for cock that she'll happily take something hard in any hole! She turns over full doggystyle, shoving her gorgeous ass in the air as she pumps herself to orgasm.

Blonde With Great Tits Touches Her Clit

Duration: 4m, 7s, Starring Haley Scott

(1 Vote)

Sexy blond Haley Scott has got a body to die for - long stocking clad legs, heavy breasts and a neatly shaved snatch! She looks stunning as she strips out of her outfit, down to her matching purple lingerie. When she pulls her boobs out of her top you're going to be amazed - so perfectly round and perky! In this scene, the bitch is hot and horny and needs to cum, so she starts touching herself: rubbing her slippery puss, and pulling her lips apart so she can stroke her hard clit. The torrid tart rubs her erotic hub faster and faster, sticking four fingers right up inside her snatch until she's cumming hard and loud.

Gal Slides Panties To The Side Solo

Duration: 4m, 38s, Starring Leah Lexington

(5 Votes)

Leah Lexington opens this scene with a finger sized vibrator getting licked until its wet enough to rub against her pussy. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she massages her snatch in small circles. Her panties slide to the side so she has room to reach her cunt and she is loving this. Her large tits dangle while she massages herself. This is one masturbation session that is worth watching. Leah moans and purrs with each passing second that he vibrator spends rubbing against her. She moves faster and slower; the whole time sopping wet. She continues this natural flow until she reaches a creamy climax.

A Horny Asian Slut Attacks Her Pussy

Duration: 4m, 11s, Starring Jayna Oso

(Not Rated)

Jayna Oso is one sexy, exotic Asian babe that can't keep her hands off of her own pussy. She pulled rolled around on the couch rubbing her body then pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her tight little fuck hole. She could feel herself getting wet so she pulled of her top, licked her fingers and went back to rubbing her clit. As she got hotter and hotter she slid two fingers inside her love pocket and started finger fucking herself. She worked that pussy like an artist working on a canvas and had herself writhing around with pleasure in no time at all. She came twice and wanted more so back in the fingers went.

This Hairy Pussy Is Finger Licking Good

Duration: 4m, 20s, Starring Honey Dejour

(5 Votes)

Honey Dijour licks her fingers and can't wait to get started. She prefers to lick her fingers before inserting it in to her tight pussy. Her ass wiggles beneath her hands and she squeals with delight as she gets finger fucked and tickles her hairy clit. Honey rubs her clit and pets her pussy and then sticks her fingers right back in. Every now and then she takes it out just long enough to lick it and then she starts banging herself some more. Her pussy just gets wetter and wetter with each passing second. She loves the feel of the leopard print chair against her naked ass and she keeps on going till she reaches a dripping wet climax.

An Asian Honey Rubs Her Sensitive Muff

Duration: 3m, 26s, Starring Lena Julliette

(Not Rated)

Lena Julliette is a horny Asian girl with a sensitive clit that really shows why they call Asian girls little brown fuck machines. She was fully nude, spread wide open and rubbed her clit with her fingers. As she started writhing around on the couch she slid two fingers inside her self and nearly came, but she wanted to wait so she rolled over on all fours and put two fingers inside her pussy. She finger fucked herself until she came all over her fingers. She wanted to cum again so she buried two fingers deep inside herself and got herself off again.

Naudia Gets Naked And Plays On Her Deck

Duration: 4m, 16s, Starring Naudia Nyce

(5 Votes)

Naudia Nyce is was sitting out on the deck of her house. She was in the mood for a little fun so she took of her shorts and slid her hand inside her panties. She started rubbing her shaved pussy and getting herself wet then she took off her panties and really got down to business. She slid a finger inside her wet slice and banged herself hard. Her legs shot open wide as she slid two fingers into her and sent her over the edge as she came. Her neighbors had to hear her as she moaned, but she didn't care so she decided to just keep going at her pussy until she came again.

When Boyfriends Away, Brunette Will Play

Duration: 4m, 8s, Starring Haley Paige

(3 Votes)

Haley Page knows the value of a little alone time. She doesn't need a man in her life to get her off. All she needs is a couple of good fingers and her tongue to orgasm. This naughty brunette wastes no time taking off her clothes; she just pushes them aside to get to what she really wants. She looks so fucking hot in her black stockings that you want to blow your load all over her. She slides her fingers underneath her black panties and rubs her clit, moaning and thrusting her hips up in the air.

Selena Rubs Her Muff In Her Back Yard

Duration: 4m, 47s, Starring Selena Silver

(3 Votes)

Selena Silver loves playing with herself under the hot sun. She was out in her back yard and got naked so the hot sun could beat down on her smooth skin and fully shaved pussy. She sat down on in a chair then spread her legs wide open and started rubbing her pussy. She loved the taste of her pussy juice on her finger so she licked then pushed her now wet fingers back on her tender clit. She rubbed her pussy with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other. She rubbed hard and gave herself a nice orgasm then went back to pressing on her clit and making herself cum again.

Beautiful Brunette Masturbates With Toy

Duration: 4m, 47s, Starring

(59 Votes)

A red patent leather nightie like this would turn anyone on, including this beautiful brunette that is wearing it. She spreads her legs wide and tickles her clit until she pulls out a purple metallic vibrator. She moans and wiggles around as this metal member pumps into her tight pussy. Every now and then she pulls it out and licks it before putting it back inside of her. This girl tickles and massages her clit and oohs and aahs with each thrust. She makes this look so hot that it is no wonder that this girl is creaming all over the place. She pumps harder and faster until she is completely dripping with climax.

Angela Stone Gets Herself Off

Duration: 3m, 7s, Starring Angela Stone

(3 Votes)

The super hot porn starlet Angela Stone hadn't been laid in a few days so she decided to take things into her own hands. She tore off her bra and panties and rubbed her very sensitive clit until her pussy was so wet it felt like it was flooding out onto the bed. She rubbed her faster then slid a finger inside her shaved clam and made herself cum. She was writhing around on the couch, rubbing her pussy so fast she was getting friction and nearly started a fire then once she had came she licked all the wet, sweet pussy juice off of her fingers.

Hot Natural Strawberry Blonde Rubs Pussy

Duration: 2m, 30s, Starring Tianna Lynn

(3 Votes)

Sexy and beautiful Tianna Lynn has pigtails and is wearing black stiletto heels. She lies her hot natural body back on a black leather couch and spreads her legs, so she can slowly rubs between the lips of her shaved pink pussy. She rubs her clit, slowly increasing the speed at which she fingers herself while her moans become louder and louder. She arches her back as she brings herself closer and closer to orgasm, rubbing her clit harder as she gets ready to cum. She finally cries out and shudders in delight, before purring softly and bringing her fingers to her mouth to taste her juices.

Hotties In Competitive Muff Rubbing

Duration: 4m, 12s, Starring Britney Madison, Leah Luv

(3 Votes)

Britney Madison and Leah Luv were both laying on the bed naked checking each other's nice bodies out as they rubbed their pussies. Both babes were in pigtails as the race started. Leah started moaning first as her pussy started to get wet but Britney made up time as she slid a finger insider and pinched one of her nipples. As Leah came all over her fingers Britney spread wide open and used two fingers to rub her clit which sent her over the edge and made her cum. Leah wanted to cum again so Britney moved over and kissed her as she fingered helping her get that second orgasm.

Solo Slut Masturbates With Dildo For You

Duration: 5m, 22s, Starring Deja Dare

(2 Votes)

Tall thin Deja Dare sits on the couch in a black top, panties and leather boots sucking on a glass dildo. After getting it nice and wet with her spit, she pulls her panties aside to expose her bald cunt and plunges the dildo into her pussy. She fucks herself and pulls up her top to show off her pert pink nipples on her natural tits. She diddles herself faster and faster until she brings herself to orgasm, pulling the dildo out and squirting everywhere. She rubs her fingers over her pussy and brings them to her mouth so she can taste her juices. She plunges the dildo in again, making herself come once more, squirting hard all over the camera.

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