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Everything Is Ready For Sex Ian And Eden

Duration: 6m, 48s, Starring Eden, Ian Tate

(4 Votes)

Ian Tate and Eden are in a tennis tournament in Vegas for the weekend. They've run into one another a couple times before but never had the chance to talk. Tonight they're both out having drinks and enjoying the night life since they were knocked out of the running and when they find each other on a casino floor they realize that they're both fit single tennis players who haven't even bothered to work out today. So they go back to one of the rooms to start working on their cardio in the best way possible.

Big Tit Vanessa B Hardly Fucks By Long Cock Andrew Andretti

Duration: 4m, 48s, Starring Vanessa B, Andrew Andretti

(1 Vote)

Vanessa B used to be called the great hoover damn back in school. She never understood why though. It wasn't because she could hold a lot of water back, but because she could keep so much liquid inside of her and because she was like a vacuum around cocks. She just sucked them right up. The guys spelled it damn instead of dam because of how good she was. It never took long to finish with her around, and they always wanted to get her with one of their girlfriends to see if she could do the same to their cooze.

Sativa Rose Is An Awesome Cock Sucker And Fucks Johnny Thrust

Duration: 8m, 11s, Starring Sativa Rose, Johnny Thrust

(4 Votes)

A gorgeous brunette babe agrees to rub one out for the camera, but before you know it things have progressed far beyond a simple masturbation scene and into some of the best cock sucking action that has ever been captured on film.

Twins Sasha And Misha Double The Pleasure

Duration: 4m, 37s, Starring Misha, Sasha, Dean Waylon

(2 Votes)

The twins have got themselves another set of balls and a nice big cock to share. They love sharing things, and always do whenever they can. Sasha and Misha convinced Dean Waylon to come back to their place to take a look at their fire-place in the basement, but they never wanted to have him repair it. It was fine, they just wanted to get him into the basement and away from prying eyes so they could get him naked. Once they did that they had him lay down so they could suck a little dick for the day.

Paul Davis And Angel Long Blowjob Handjob Deep Throat Cum

Duration: 6m, 53s, Starring Angel Long, Paul Davis

(2 Votes)

Paul Davis has been out all day taking care of different properties but he got the strangest call from one of his customers saying that someone had tried to get into their home. When he got there he found no sources of any kind of burglary, but there were strange sounds coming from the bathroom. When he pushed the door open, he found his ex there masturbating. So happy he came over she fell to her knees and starting pulling at his pants. He tried to stop her but the best way to stop her from talking was always to fill her mouth.

John West Has His Cock Sucked By The Lovely Simone

Duration: 3m, 36s, Starring Simone, John West

(1 Vote)

Simone is getting her wish and fucking the hell out of one of the finest men this side of the river. He's supposed to have a massive dick and some nice muscles to go with it. She loves fucking fit guys too because they can always get that little bit more leverage that the rest of the men she's been with just can't. John West doesn't know he's been getting a rep for being a hot fuck in town and he certainly doesn't expect any of the women that are already married to be interested at all. When Simone plants one on him though he responds.

Sexy Glasses Brunette Kerri Kravin Sucks A Cock Well

Duration: 4m, 31s, Starring Kerri Kravin, Rodney Read

(7 Votes)

Kerri Kravin hasn't been used as a cock slut in ages and she wants her boss to use her like hat again. She likes the bonuses she gets from it, and the nice parking space, but she also like the blush he always has when she brushes past him in the hallway like he's done something so dirty and wrong that he's almost ashamed to look at her, let alone touch her in public. It's perfect, because behind closed doors she's completely submissive, but outside of that she gets to be totally dominant in the work place.

Cherry Lane Suck Don Patrice Cock Cum Shot

Duration: 3m, 35s, Starring Cherry Lane, Tyler Wood

(3 Votes)

Cherry Lane has a thing for sucking dick, and she's making sure to take advantage of it every chance that she gets. Don Patrice is quite happy at the personal attention, and he's getting hot, bothered and happy from her mouth wrapped around his member. She's making sure that she's going to be sucking and slurping all along him, and she also knows that she's going to be getting a great cum infusion once she's done with her. She moans and whimpers hard as he works himself down her throat, leaving her screaming.

Cum Hungry Housewife Simon Doesn't Waste A Drop Of Hot Jizz

Duration: 2m, 56s, Starring Simon, Michael Jamison

(5 Votes)

Homely blond amateur Simon has got to be the perfect wife! Her man Michael got home late last night and fell on bed fully clothed however, rather than being angry, Simon stirs up early and washes herself carefully in the shower. She stirs her man by running her hand up and down his thigh, teasing his manhood to a thick erection. Michael is fully stirred by the feeling of Simon's mouth sliding up and down on his schlong as she gives him a fantastic bareback blow job! It doesn't take long with a sweet mouth like that to make her man spurt, and Simon greedily gulps down his entire load. The cum hungry bitch doesn't waste a single drop!

Busty Latina Olivia O'lovely Uses Her Mouth On A Dick

Duration: 6m, 47s, Starring Olivia O'Lovely, Codie Lovel

(1 Vote)

A large breasted Spanish beauty discovers a stupid gringo with handcuffs on. After she releases him they get down to some sexy making out, and eventually she gets her face fucked with his nice, long, white shlong -- which totally gets her wet in more ways than one!

John West Gives Angela The Best Sex She's Ever Had

Duration: 4m, 47s, Starring Angela Stone, John West

(1 Vote)

Angela Stone is getting her fuck on with John West most days but today she just doesn't feel like it. She knows he does, he always does, but she just isn't in the mood. Something is off today, so instead of spreading her legs wide and wrapping them either around her head or around his waist she's getting his cock out so she can give it a suck job. It's better this way, so she isn't doing something she doesn't want to and he still gets off with speed. Making out a little gets him hard and then she starts bobbing.

Nastu Blonde Loves Sucking Cocks Outdoors

Duration: 9m, 23s, Starring Katie Gold

(4 Votes)

Katie Gold has got an itch you can scratch. She's wanting a little something to go deep into one of her holes and if she can she'll take it wherever you're willing to give it. Out by the pool she's waiting for you to get your cock out for her. She's already wet and it's not from swimming. She's looking to get her pussy plowed but since she can't seem to get that and doesn't know the cock all that well she'll start by sucking it off right there in the back yard. Looking up into your eyes for approval.

Hot Teen Alexis Duval Sucking Alex' S Cock

Duration: 7m, 45s, Starring Alexis Duval, Tony Sexton

(3 Votes)

Alexis Duval has been dating her boyfriend Alex for a few weeks now and they've made out a lot but they haven't gone much further past that since she wasn't sure how fast to move with sex. Once she sees him half naked in her bed though, she decides it's time to go to the next level. Time to head to third base. The making out was fun, but she wants to see how he likes his dick sucked. She has a need to be the best he's ever had and she's going to try everything she can to get him to cum as fast as she's able.

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