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Talk Dirty To Me - Part 1

Hot Slutty Doctor Fucked By Her Patient

Duration: 18m, 32s, Starring Cris Cassidy, John Leslie

(3 Votes)

A couple of guys are walking on the beach when one of them injures his leg. They both go to the doctor to try and sort it out, but the doctor turns out to be an extremely attractive blond with great tits! The guys vie with each other for the blond's attention, with the more confident of the two leaning forward and trying to nuzzle the blond's neck. At first she pulls away sharply, but the feeling of the stud's soft lips on her skin soon arouses her. Before you know it she is having her hairy pussy licked and then sucking her man's dick, culminating in a hardcore missionary fuck on the couch and an extreme facial. She sure gets it good!

Jessie St James Begging For Doggystyle

Duration: 7m, 34s, Starring Jessie St. James, Aaron Stuart

(1 Vote)

Nubile young blond Jessie St James wants some cock, and she's not going to take no for an answer! The object of her desire is bearded, older stud Aaron Stuart, who might be slightly balding but still has the alpha male qualities that will make any woman's pussy wet. Jessie presses her heaving breast against Aaron's manly chest, and he lies down on the bed, pulling down his pants and expecting a good blow job. After Jessie has sucked Aaron's cock, she lies down in missionary, lifting her ankles up on to Aaron's shoulders while he pumps her hard. He rolls her over into doggy to finish, pulling out and spunking on her ass hole.

Vintage Porn Movie f Pursuing A Chick

Duration: 21m, 17s, Starring Juliet Anderson, John Leslie

(5 Votes)

John Leslie makes a bet that he can pick up a chick he sees at the beach. After following her around the friends make a plan on how John is going to lure in this beautiful blonde. They break into the house next door and proceed to play peeping-tom and watch her undress from a window. He eventually manages to get a job working for her but when he goes back to the home he is hiding in a real estate agent is there. He starts fucking the over sexed bitch in exchange for permission to stay in the house.

Rough And Hard Doggy Fuck For Hot Sharon

Duration: 17m, 39s, Starring Sharon Kane, John Leslie

(2 Votes)

Although there are a lot of different scenarios in this video - in the fashion of 1970s pornos, there is actually some semblance of a plot - this particular clip focuses on a rough doggystyle fuck between blond stunner Sharon Kane and stud John Leslie. John gives it to Sharon hard from the back, even cupping one hand over her mouth at one point to stop her from screaming. At first it looks like Sharon is resisting, but really she wants that dick - it just feels so good that she can't help but cry out! Rather than wake the other members of the household, John smothers Sharon's screams with his hand while he continues to fuck her pussy.

Fertile Blond Is Begging For Hot Sperm

Duration: 15m, Starring Jessie St. James, Sharon Kane, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco

(3 Votes)

This perfect body blond is absolutely irresistible! She is extremely pretty, with long blond hair hanging straight down past her shoulders. Her man lies on the bed, topless, while he watches the slutty tart strip in front of him. She is quite shy at first, but she needn't be - that body is enough to get any man hard! There is a fantastic close-up as she pulls off her tiny booty shorts, showing off her flat stomach and wonderfully slim waist - she's so fertile! Her man pounds her rough and deep, holding her down in missionary and thrusting right up inside her in a romantic yet animalistic fashion. He spunks right inside her tight pussy.

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